Ohio Electric Deregulation Saving Consumers $3 Billion a Year


A recent whitepaper produced by OMA indicates that deregulation has dramatically lowered the generation rates offered to Ohio customers as cost-based ratemaking has been replaced by competitive market-based auctions. Combined, shoppers and non-shoppers saved more than $16 billion from 2011 to 2015 due to Ohio’s move away from electric generation monopolies and to competitive markets. There are additional documented benefits of deregulation including substantial investment in Ohio’s energy infrastructure. Eight new natural gas-powered plants are in various stages of construction throughout Ohio. Four more are in various planning stages. Improvements in energy efficiency and reliability have been secured. Reserve margins of capacity are steadily in the 20 percent range, which is in excess of the 15 percent target established by PJM Interconnection, the grid manager. Read the whitepaper, Competitive Markets for Electricity Deliver $3 Billion a Year in Savings to Ohio Electricity Consumers3/7/2017