Northeast Ohio Electricity Consumers: Opt Out of NOPEC Aggregation by Dec. 12 to Retain Shopping Rights


The Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) helps Northeast Ohio consumers save on electricity costs by selecting aggregation programs for them. However, manufacturers may be able to negotiate better electricity prices and terms by shopping.  If you are currently shopping or plan to shop your generation, you should opt-out of NOPEC aggregation to ensure your right to shop to any generation provider of your choice. Opt out of the NOPEC aggregation by returning the NOPEC opt-out card received via mail or by calling NOPEC customer care at 855-667-3201.  Also, consider adding your company to the PUCO ‘do not aggregate’ list.  NOPEC must receive your opt-out by December 12. OMA Energy Guide, an OMA member service, makes it easy to get expert energy management advice and energy quotes for your facility.  Energy Guide services cost nothing for OMA members.  Call (614) 888-8805 ext. 105 or email.  2/7/2016