House Advances Energy Standards Legislation


With just a few days remaining of the 131st General Assembly, majority Republicans are rushing legislation to prevent the state’s energy standards from fully going back into effect in January. The Senate heard hours of mostly opponent testimony this week on SB 320.  In the House, after numerous witnesses, mostly opponents, offered testimony, a new substitute version of the bill was accepted.  The new sub-bill contains several changes that can be viewed in this comparison document.  A few amendments were also included before the committee voted the bill.  The full House is expected to vote the bill on Tuesday. Even though the governor has threated to veto a bill that weakens the energy standards or extend the freeze, the bill sponsor and Speaker Pro-Tem Ron Amstutz was quoted by Hannah News as saying, “I think that conversation is still going on, but I could say that the dynamics are leaning toward the House bill’s being the vehicle … I think it’s extremely close to the governor’s position — much closer than earlier versions.”  12/1/2016