Governor Kasich Delivers Penultimate State of the State Address


Governor Kasich delivered his next to last State of the State speech in the beautiful Sandusky Theater. The governor reviewed the accomplishments of his first six years, such as 460,000 new jobs. He also challenged the state, its leaders and its citizens to not fear the changes that will transform the economy in coming years. He said: “The state of our state remains strong. The state of our state remains stable, but holding on to the progress we’ve made takes continued vigilance. Challenges await and only by holding the line on conservative budgeting, fostering job creation and re-committing ourselves to helping each other along our journey will we succeed in the coming years. Ohioans, yeah, us, we make Ohio great. Government’s job is to help support the environment in which they can do that and get out of their way.” Read the full text of the speech here.  4/6/2017