Crown Battery, Nissin Brake Recognized for Energy Efficiency Savings


New case studies of Ohio manufacturers Crown Battery and Nissin Brake by the Alliance for Industrial Efficiency highlight the potential of energy efficiency savings.  “My advice to other manufacturers? You need to take advantage of this,” said Matt Culbertson, energy engineer for Crown Battery. According to the case studies, Crown Battery is saving $150,000-$210,000 annually, and engages plant workers by awarding “Save a Buck Dynasty” t-shirts to those with energy saving ideas.  Nissin Brake has saved a cumulative $3.4 million in energy costs since 2008. Energy efficiency savings like these have the potential to add up to an eye-popping $298 billion for the U.S. manufacturing sector through 2030, according to a study simultaneously released by the Alliance.  The study investigated how manufacturing energy-efficiency can serve as a low-cost resource if carbon regulations come to fruition.  Ohio ranked 5th in terms of cumulative cost saving potential and 2nd in terms of emission reduction potential.  9/28/2016