AEP Ohio’s Incentive Auction Coming Soon – Get Your Cash


Manufacturers can bid for larger incentives for their efficiency projects in AEP Ohio’s upcoming Bid4Efficiency auction.  The auction provides a mechanism for manufacturers to earn efficiency incentives that are greater than AEP’s $25,000 maximum. To receive incentives above the $25K cap, AEP Ohio’s Bid4Efficiency program offers a reverse auction where entities start at $0.08/kWh saved for incentives, and then bid down to the price at which they are willing to take an incentive. An RFQ submittal is necessary to secure AEP pre-approval to participate in the auctions; RFQs are due by October 14, 2016.  The RFQ is short, requests only basic information, and can be completed in a short period of time. Multiple auctions will be held between Nov. 7-11.  Auctions will be for different sized pots of money for both lighting and custom project kWh savings.  A customer may only win one auction. OMA’s energy consultant is ready to help you navigate the process, assist with completing the RFQ, and can advise you on a bidding strategy. Contact John Seryak for further assistance as a benefit of your OMA membership.  9/27/2016