$14.57 Billion, and Counting, in Above-Market Charges


In 1999, Ohio moved to allow customers to shop for electricity generation in order to establish the benefits of competition for the state and its economy. Since that time, through various riders approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO), customers have paid $14.57 billion in above-market charges to the state’s utilities.  That is, $14.57 billion more than the costs customers paid for the actual electricity they bought from competitive suppliers. The PUCO just approved another $1 billion in above-market charges for FirstEnergy.  Dayton Power and Light has proposed to the PUCO another $1.5 billion in charges.  That’d be a total of $16 billion if the DP&L proposal would be approved. For manufacturers, these riders drain away precious cash that could be used for investment and innovation in Ohio, creating more jobs and more prosperity.  Join the OMA Energy Group to help stop this economic madness.  10/17/2016