Group Rating The OMA Way

Workers’ Compensation Group Rating for Manufacturers


Knowing if your company qualifies for Workers’ Compensation group rating solution shouldn’t be a mystery.

Because no company should have to wait for a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) to reveal to them once a year where it stands, the OMA offers an online report that shows you, quarter by quarter, all year long, your potential group rating savings.

The OMA Group Rating Savings Analysis is online, all the time and is just one of many workers’ compensation management tools in the OMA Workers Compensation Data and Analyses to help manufacturers make good workers’ compensation management decisions.

More Ways that OMA Group Rating for Manufacturers is Different

  • Each employer is assigned its own OMA workers’ compensation account manager so you have a single point of contact for everything workers’ comp.  Your account manager will know your cases, and you won’t have to continuously bring someone else up to speed on your issues.
  • In every case where an Industrial Commission hearing is required, your account manager plans the hearing strategy with an external workers’ comp attorney from our team of attorneys.  This way, the most qualified professionals and the best planning are brought to bear on your defense.
  • While other TPAs sometimes stand in the way of Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) improvements because they profit from inefficiencies in the system, the OMA’s mission is to protect and grow Ohio manufacturing.  One way we fulfill our mission is by working to hold the BWC accountable for strategies that improve service and lower rates.

We’re not for everyone – We’re for those who want the BEST!

While it’s true that employers can only join a group rating plan annually by the end of February, as directed by the BWC, we know that you need to monitor your workers’ comp situation all year long in order to predict – and manage – future

That’s why each quarter when the BWC makes new claims experience data available to the OMA, we produce a whole new set of updated management reports for your company.  One of them is your OMA Group Rating Savings Analysis, which shows your company’s potential qualification for the discount in the OMA Group Rating Plan.  When you use this report along with the other management reports in OMA Workers’ Compensation Data and Analyses, you have a very good idea of potential future premium costs – all the time.

How to Access OMA Workers’ Compensation Data and Analyses

  • Go to and click on My OMA
  • Use your existing login or create a login
  • Follow the prompts online to view reports and to authorized others in your company to view the reports
  • Questions?  Contact us at (800) 662-4463 or

Due to the sensitive nature of workers’ compensation information, only the OMA’s key contact in your company is authorized to view your reports and – through the only My OMA tool – authorize others in your company to view reports as well.