Case Management, Not Just Claims Management

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Easy access to your own experienced account managers

Each employer is assigned to an OMA workers’ compensation account manager. All account managers are available by phone and email. OMA account managers have extensive experience; managing claims and advising employers is their profession.

Having an assigned account manager gives you a single point of contact and single point of accountability for how your claims are handled.

Hearing strategy and representation

In every case where an Industrial Commission hearing is required, your OMA account manager plans the hearing strategy with one of our team of workers’ compensation attorneys. Based on that strategy, OMA sends the attorney or professional hearing representative with the appropriate skill level and experience to produce the desired outcome.

OMA hearing representatives know their geographic territories and the personalities of the Industrial Commission staff, which helps them define the most effective strategies.

Your account manager and hearing representative will keep you informed each step of the way and provide written outcomes of hearing results. Your account manager will ask for your involvement in hearings for optimum outcomes.

Strategies to contain claim and premium costs

Count on the experience and advice of your account manager in each claim situation. Some claims are appropriate for a full and final settlement, some claim costs can be reduced if the injured worker has certain non-work related health conditions, and all lost-time claims need an ongoing approach.

Having the OMA as a partner is like having an extension of your own staff.