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Join the OMA Energy Management Community – You’ll get the information and analyses you need to follow and shape energy legislation & regulations – and to purchase and manage energy – to protect your company. The Energy Policy Committee, a feature of the community, meets in-person quarterly and call-in participation is available. Also, receive actionable energy updates and notices for energy-related learning events. Sign up at My OMA.

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Know the OMA Energy Policy Priorities

Join the OMA Energy Group – Have a voice in all critical PUCO cases and legislation; steer the OMA’s legal resources, get first-hand case updates and weekly members-only case summaries. An OMA buy-up opportunity for large energy users.

Access the OMA Energy Group Weekly Briefing Archive – For OMA Energy Group Members Only – access the online archive of weekly briefings that track PUCO case history and more.

Join the OMA CHP/EE Workgroup
– For facilities managers, engineers and others who lead and implement their companies’ energy efficiency strategies and projects, the work group meets bi-monthly via webinar to discuss hands-on energy improvement strategies, technologies, and projects with a focus on Combined Heat & Power and Energy Efficiency. Join or get more info!

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Decrease energy usage, increase efficiency, and save money.
Click here to see how OMA’s energy engineering partner, Go Sustainable Energy LLC can help your company find, deploy, and qualify energy efficiency projects for utility rebates.