DP&L’s Business Rebates

Utility programs give companies ways to save energy, cut costs and show environmental consciousness.

DP&L_BusinessRebates_SmallBeing energy efficient and reducing peak demand isn’t just a fad – it’s a proven strategy for preserving natural resources, protecting the environment and promoting energy independence. Moreover, it’s a way businesses can cut their costs and keep running in tough economic times. And for Ohio’s electricity users and the utility companies that serve them, greater energy efficiency is the law!

That’s right. Ohio’s new energy plan requires DP&L and other utility companies to meet higher energy efficiency standards starting in 2009. State law allows these utilities to recover – from their customers – the cost of implementing a comprehensive plan to reduce electricity usage and peak demand.

This could cost your business money through DP&L’s new Energy Efficiency Rider. But the utility company is offering its customers a variety of ways to reduce their energy costs – and in the case of many businesses, an opportunity to opt out of paying this new rider if they can demonstrate that their conservation measures and energy reduction projects cut electricity use and peak demand. (See the story on Self Direct Programs.)

Two key business programs – Rapid Rebates and Custom Rebates – will save customers $1.6 million in 2009 and another $2.7 million in 2010. Both programs give businesses incentives for energy efficiency upgrades and equipment.

DP&L’s business rebates programs can mean money in your pocket just for doing the right thing – for protecting Ohio’s economic competitiveness by conserving scarce energy resources and reducing peak demand.
For more information about these programs, see other stories on this Web site, or visit DP&L’s Web site at www.dpandl.com/bizrebates.

You can also call DP&L at 1-937-331-4769. Or contact Kevin Schmidt, OMA’s Director, Public Policy Services, at 1-800-662-4463, or kschmidt@ohiomfg.com.