Governor Requests $5 Billion BWC Dividend for Employers

Gov. Mike DeWine this week announced he would ask the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) board to approve a $5 billion dividend — the largest in the state’s history. The BWC board must first approve the request before checks are sent to employers.

The dividend request comes just one week after the BWC began sending checks from an earlier $1.34 billion payout. The newly proposed dividend would be the third issued in 2020, and would bring this year’s dividend total to nearly $8 billion. If approved, the new round of checks would be distributed in December.

“This isn’t deficit spending,” Lt. Gov. Jon Husted said. “This is money the businesses paid in and the BWC managed well. There’s no stimulus right now and this is a way to inject a lifeline for people during a difficult time.” 10/28/2020