Senate Retains Favorable Truck Provision

Of the many law changes tucked into the pending state transportation budget, House Bill 62, the House included an amendment that would improve how the state’s popular “regional heavy haul permit” would function. Since 2013, the permit has allowed heavier loads under certain restrictions. The regional heavy haul permit has been well received by manufacturers that transport heavier materials.

Railroad lobbyists took aim at the trucking efficiency improvement during the Senate debate.

The Senate Commerce, Labor & Workforce Committee removed the beneficial provision from the bill. However, yesterday evening, the full Senate restored the permit provision during debate on the Senate floor.

As a member of a business coalition, the OMA had asked Committee Chairman Senator Rob McColley (R-Napoleon) to support the House version.

The OMA’s policy priorities call for support of state and federal legislation, rules and regulations that safely provide greater flexibility and efficiency in truck movements. The OMA is also supportive of technology and workforce solutions that address the shortage of truck drivers. 3/21/2019