OMA and Allies React to Newest Unemployment Comp. Proposal

This week the OMA and business community allies submitted a letter to the House Government Accountability and Oversight Committee expressing opposition to the provisions of unemployment compensation reform legislation, House Bill 382, but support for a separate proposal (HJR 4) that would allow the state to bond future unemployment compensation debt.

The group defined its principles for unemployment compensation system reform legislation, including: “Any workable solution must address both spending and revenue to balance the cost of benefits with employer contributions and simply pouring more money into the system without addressing benefits undercuts Ohio’s job-creating economic competitiveness.”

The group also wrote: “Meanwhile, we believe that House Joint Resolution 4 is an important piece of any solvency package in that it allows the state maximum flexibility if required to borrow federal funds to support the UI system in the future. Our organizations have long supported bonding as a helpful option when dealing with UI insolvency.” 11/2/2017