An Eye to the Future, With Great Optimism

Governor Mike DeWine was sworn in Monday and gave his inaugural address in the historic Statehouse Rotunda.

The governor said: “It is with that eye to the future and with great optimism that I will serve as your Governor — because I truly believe that the best is yet to come!”

He pledged to seek our different ideas and opinions, to listen, to bring people together.

“But don’t mistake our willingness to listen and our openness to new ideas for a lack of vision or resolve or focus. The Bible warns us of an ‘uncertain trumpet.’ Our trumpet will give a clear and certain call, as there will be no mistaking where I am leading!” DeWine said.

The governor is focused on long-term, meaningful, positive change: “Over the next four years, I will be asking the people of Ohio and I will be asking those of you in the General Assembly to do things where the results will not be immediate — but where they will be profound, and where they will endure.” 1/17/2019