Utility Subsidy Bill Could Advance Next Week

This week members of the House Public Utilities Committee again considered an electric utility subsidy, House Bill 239, which would require Ohioans to pay a new tax on monthly power bills to subsidize the owners of the Ohio Valley Electric Corporation (OVEC).

AEP Ohio has the largest ownership stake in OVEC and would get the biggest subsidy. The utility testified in support of the bill this week.

The bill would force Ohio customers to prop up the finances of the Kyger Creek power plant near Gallipolis, Ohio, and the Clifty Creek power plant in Madison, Indiana. The OMA and other business groups sent a strong letter opposing the bill. Competitive power suppliers oppose the bill as do residential advocates including AARP.

A vote is likely next Tuesday. Concerned manufacturers are encouraged to call members of the House Public Utilities Committee to ask them to oppose the bill. 10/5/2017