‘Sleazy’ and ‘Weak’ Ad Aims to Block HB 6 Referendum

A new TV and radio ad is running statewide in hopes of heading off a referendum that would ask Ohio voters if they want to overturn House Bill 6 — the nuclear power bailout. In the ad, an ominous voice states that the Chinese government is mounting a secret takeover of Ohio’s energy grid and “coming for our energy jobs.” This week, several Ohio newspapers analyzed the ad. Here is what they said:

* A fact check by the Cincinnati Enquirer says the ad’s connection between China and the referendum to overturn HB 6 “is weak.”

* The Columbus Dispatch said the group behind the commercial offered “no evidence that such a plot exists.”

* An editorial by The Plain Dealer says it’s “the sleaziest scare ad in recent memory in Ohio.”

These analyses are further proof that HB 6 has ushered into Ohio some strange times with new, costly policy that threatens Ohio’s deregulated electricity markets. 8/28/2019