Senate to Vote on Repeal of HB 6 Nuclear Subsidies

On Feb. 23, the Ohio Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee unanimously advanced Senate Bill 44 to repeal the nuclear generation subsidies authorized under House Bill 6. The full Senate is expected to consider SB 44 next week. The bill leaves intact HB 6’s $20 million in annual subsidies for select solar projects, but the repeal of the nuclear power subsidy would reduce customer charges by as much as $150 million a year.

Appearing before the Senate panel this week, OMA energy counsel Kim Bojko presented mostly supportive testimony of SB 44, but also urged senators to “finish the job” and repeal costly customer-paid subsidies for two aging coal power plants known as OVEC. (Watch this video of her testimony starting at the 6:00 mark.)

Meanwhile in the House, a similar variation of SB 44 received a second hearing this week. OMA testimony in support of House Bill 128 called on representatives to expand the legislation to repeal OVEC subsidies. 2/25/2021