OMA Testifies Against AEP Ohio Plan to Charge Customers for New Renewable-Energy Generation

The OMA joined forces with other parties last week in filing testimony to oppose AEP Ohio’s proposed renewable energy subsidy.

AEP Ohio has an application pending with state regulators at the PUCO that would require all AEP customers to subsidize a large scale solar-energy generation site.

While the OMA supports ‘all of the above’ forms of energy generation, OMA insists that generation be competitively sourced as envisioned by Ohio’s electricity deregulation law of 1999.

Also filing testimony was the Office of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel (OCC), Ohio’s government-appointed residential consumer advocate. OCC testified: “AEP’s regulatory proposal transfers financial and operating risk of power plants from AEP shareholders to AEP Ohio’s captive monopoly customers. This is contrary to the General Assembly’s plan for Ohio that, with limited exceptions, generating plants (including renewable projects) should be developed in the marketplace, without involvement of monopoly utilities and charges to their captive customers.” 1/10/2019