OMA Energy Committee Meets Following House Approval of HB 6

The OMA Energy Committee held its quarterly meeting Thursday, May 30 — less than 24 hours following the House’s approval of HB 6, legislation to heavily subsidize Ohio’s nuclear power plants.

Chaired by Brad Belden, president of The Belden Brick Co., the committee heard expert analysis of the nuclear bailout bill, as well as other energy issues currently before policymakers — including a provision in the House-passed version of the state budget (HB 166) that would alter Ohio’s current prohibition of excessive profits by utilities. The new language, which is opposed by the OMA, would allow FirstEnergy operating companies to keep “significantly excessive profits” rather than issuing refunds to more than a million customers.

Guest speakers at Thursday’s meeting included:

The Energy Committee’s next meeting is set for August 29. 5/30/2019

OMA’s Energy Committee heard the latest analysis of the nuclear bailout bill during its May 30 meeting.