Nuclear Subsidy Bill Continues to Linger in Senate

The Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee met over the weekend to hear more testimony on House Bill 6, the nuclear bailout bill, but adjourned without an up-or-down vote on the legislation.

The committee did, however, adopt two minor amendments to the legislation. One amendment, offered by committee Chair Sen. Steve Wilson (R-Maineville), would allow the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) to modify its rules to ensure businesses with multiple meters are not charged for each meter. That change was requested by the commission to address concerns raised by the OMA.

It was evident to Statehouse observers that the failure to pass a new state budget — which is supposed to be passed no later than June 30, as required by the Ohio Constitution — was tied to HB 6, which is the top priority of Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder.

If HB 6 is approved in present form, ratepayers will see higher electricity costs, while Ohio’s energy markets will suffer costly distortion and decreased investment in new generation.

While there is still time, manufacturers should contact their state legislators and tell them NO on the nuke bailout! Make your senator your priority contact. 7/1/2019