House Votes to Send HB 6 to Governor DeWine

Last Sunday, July 21, Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder (R-Glenford) gave notice of a House session for Tuesday morning, July 23, to hold a vote on House Bill 6, the nuclear power plant bailout. After the Ohio Senate narrowly approved the measure late last week, the House needed to concur with Senate amendments to send it to Gov. Mike DeWine. The House voted to accept the Senate amendments with just 51 “yes” votes, one vote more than the minimum required.

See how your state representative voted, and read a list of major concerns with the bill as it stands.

Leading up to Tuesday’s vote, statewide media reported that a state aircraft had been scheduled to pick up lawmakers from a meeting in Chicago to ensue enough votes in favor of HB 6. The flight was later cancelled. 7/25/2019