HB 6 Referendum Gets Physical

As if the citizen-initiated repeal of Ohio’s nuclear power bailout (House Bill 6) wasn’t supercharged enough — thanks to millions of dollars spent on misleading advertising — the group defending the law went a step further this week. The beneficiaries of the HB 6 subsidies have hired field agents to “educate” voters who are being asked to sign petitions. Referendum supporters must gather 265,774 signatures from registered Ohio voters by Oct. 21 to place the question of HB 6 repeal on the November 2020 ballot.

This week, an altercation ensued in which a petition circulator appears to have been assaulted by a pro-HB 6 agent. Soon after, anti-HB 6 Ohio Citizen Action issued a cease and desist letter to pro-HB 6 Ohioans for Energy Security, with the former saying they would not be intimidated by “threats.”

Numerous OMA members have contacted staff inquiring how to support the referendum effort. Manufacturers can take action by contributing to the campaign. Also, manufacturers who are willing to allow signatures to be collected at the workplace may contact staff to invite a circulator. 9/12/2019