HB 6 Referendum Faces Monday Deadline; Here are Reasons to Sign the (Correct) Petition

Three months ago, Gov. Mike DeWine signed House Bill 6 — the nuclear bailout legislation — thereby forcing electric utility customers to pay more in the form of new riders on monthly power bills. When the law is implemented, the proceeds from the new charges will go mostly to the owners of two nuclear power plants.

Last spring and summer, the OMA worked to oppose the anti-free market HB 6. The campaign committee attempting to allow Ohio voters to make the final determination regarding HB 6’s fate must submit nearly 266,000 valid signatures this Monday, Oct. 21. If the Ohioans Against Corporate Bailouts fails to collect the required number of signatures, there will be no referendum on next November’s ballot. Signatures are still being collected.

Read this powerful guest column by Ohio State University professor Ned Hill, who describes how FirstEnergy and FirstEnergy Solutions have engaged in subterfuge to confuse voters and deter them from exercising their right to sign a petition. 10/17/2019