Expedited Ruling Expected on Utility Subsidy Scheme

More than 300 parties filed comments opposing a recent proposal by U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry to subsidize unprofitable power plants in the name of grid resiliency, even though credible data affirms grid reliability has never been better due to the competitive market.

The OMA filed comment in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) docket and this week filed a reply brief.

Meanwhile U.S. Representative David Joyce and members of Ohio’s Congressional delegation this week issued a joint Congressional letter to the FERC, endorsing the pro-utility scheme to force customers to pay more on power bills to subsidize unprofitable nuclear and coal power plants.

The FERC has significant independence of the Department of Energy and the commissioners will consider the evidence and render an opinion by December 11.

OMA members will discuss the far-reaching federal debate – and much more – at the OMA Energy Committee on November 16. Register here. 11/9/2017