AG Dave Yost Visits OMA Energy Committee

During this week’s meeting of the OMA Energy Committee, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost briefed members on his recent legal actions to halt implementation of key provisions of House Bill 6, the anti-market, scandal-ridden energy law that was opposed early by the OMA. Yost thanked the OMA for “stepping up” to oppose HB 6 and for the organization’s willingness to put its “reputation and resources on the line” through advocacy and legal opposition.

Other guests included Sen. Mark Romanchuk (R-Ontario), who briefed members on the progress of his Senate Bill 10 — the OMA-supported legislation to repeal HB 6’s decoupling provision, as well as the “significantly excessive earnings” language authorized in the last state budget (HB 166).

The committee was provided an in-depth look at what went wrong in Texas leading up to that state’s recent weather-related power failures. Susanne Buckley of Scioto Energy reviewed electricity market trends, while Darin King of NiSource/Columbia Gas of Ohio reviewed natural gas market trends. 2/25/2021