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Winning Over the Moms (video)

December 21, 2018

Here’s a good, short video from CET, the educational broadcast organization in Greater Cincinnati, about one mom’s story of her son’s career path.

She thought she was raising a future CEO, until Nathan took a different path. 12/18/2018

Study: Manufacturing Skills Gap and Future of Work

November 30, 2018

Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute have released a fourth generation study on the manufacturing skills gap and the future of work.

The study reveals that the skills gap may leave an estimated 2.4 million positions unfilled between 2018 and 2028, with a potential economic impact of $2.5 trillion. Further, the study shows that the positions relating to digital talent, skilled production, and operational managers may be three times as difficult to fill in the next three years.

The study explores several paths forward in addressing the skills gap and preparing for new needed competencies. 11/28/2018

Turning Your Manufacturing SMEs into Your Instructors

November 30, 2018

Lots of years of knowledge, skills and experience are retiring in Ohio manufacturing. All of that capability needs to be passed on to the next generation of workers.

The OMA Skills Commons portal has useful courses for helping turn those subject matter experts into instructors.

Check out the courses here. 11/28/2018

A Fresh Plan Can Re-energize Your Industry Sector Partnership (webinar)

November 16, 2018

The Advanced Manufacturing Industry Partnership (AMIP) is the manufacturing arm of Partners for a Competitive Workforce, a partnership in the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana tristate region focused on growing the skills of the area’s current and future workforce.

AMIP has undertaken a strategic planning process over the last year to create a strategy for the next three years and to address its sustainability.

In this webinar on December 13 at 10:00 a.m. you will hear about the experiences of the partnership over the last year and the lessons learned from its strategic planning initiative.

Register here. 11/13/2018

Work Credentials that Count Toward High School Graduation

November 9, 2018

From The Hannah Report: The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) is taking applications from education, industry and other community representatives looking to add to the list of professional work credentials that can help qualify a student for high school graduation.

Earning a credential or series of credentials, along with a qualifying score on the WorkKeys job skills assessment, is one way students can earn a diploma.

Read more here. 11/8/2018

Making Ohio: Ohio Manufacturing Careers Get Their Own Brand/Website

November 2, 2018

The OMA has debuted Making Ohio, a new website designed to help Ohioans understand that exciting, secure and fulfilling manufacturing careers are available.

OMA recently undertook comprehensive research to understand working-age Ohioans’ attitudes and beliefs about Ohio manufacturing jobs and careers. We learned:

  • Perceptions of manufacturing are generally favorable, but lack clarity.
  • Job seekers expect detailed information.
  • Pay, benefits, and job stability messages are well-received.

These and other key findings went into the development of the new Making Ohio website. Check it out! 11/1/2018

CASE STUDY: Help an Injured Dolphin, Design a Prosthetic Hand – How Learning Blade Engages Students in STEM

October 26, 2018

Learning Blade delivers an engaging supplemental online curriculum designed to raise awareness of STEM careers while helping students see the relevance of often-demanding math and science academics.

Through “missions” such as helping an injured dolphin, building an orphanage after a major earthquake, or solving energy and transportation needs in a new city, students tackle interesting challenges while seeing how STEM skills are essential to finding solutions.

For schools with 3D printers, Learning Blade includes some missions that include ready-to-print files that can be used to demonstrate STEM principles, such as adjusting a wind turbine design, designing a prosthetic hand or testing a structure on a seismic shake table.

Read more about Learning Blade here. And read more case studies from organizations that are addressing manufacturers’ workforce challenges at our Making Ohio website. 10/24/2018

Diversity & Inclusion: Best Manufacturing Practices

October 19, 2018

The Manufacturing Institute and PwC have released a compelling playbook for manufacturers: “All In: Shaping tomorrow’s manufacturing workforce through diversity and inclusion.”

From the report: “As US demographics shift, and public perceptions and demands around diversity change, the case for redoubling efforts around D&I programs intensifies. The latest US Census showed that 13.7% of the US population (or 44.5 million people) is foreign-born, the highest percentage recorded since 1910.

“And, by 2045, the US white population is projected to be a minority (at 49.9%) followed by Hispanics at 24.6%, Blacks (13.1%), Asians (7.8%), and multiracial (3.8%), according to the US Census Bureau.

“This sea of change has been underway for decades. In 1940, white workers comprised 88% of the working-class (noncollege-graduate workers) labor force, which fell to 60% by 2015; over the same period, the percentage of white working-class women rose to 45% from about 25%.”

And: “(A)s a traditionally white- and male-dominated industry, manufacturing faces a relatively steeper climb than others to widen their representation of non-white and female cohorts of the population. Consider that, in 2016, women comprised 57% of the total US labor force, yet represented only 29% of the manufacturing sector.” 10/17/2018

The Who’s Who of Apprenticeships!

October 12, 2018

At the Ohio Manufacturers’ Workforce Summit on November 1, learn from national experts about the trends and opportunities in registered- and industry-recognized apprenticeships and what they might mean for growing your workforce.

Our panelists are:

  • Gardner Carrick, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, The Manufacturing Institute
  • Dean Guido, Regional Director, U.S. Dept. of Labor Office of Apprenticeship
  • Montez King, Executive Director of NIMS
  • Dr. Michael E. Wooten, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Community Colleges, Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education

Register now! 10/11/2018

CASE STUDY: MakerMinded’s Student Competitions Promote Manufacturing Skills

October 5, 2018

MakerMinded, a digital platform launched by LIFT (Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow) in 2016, is connecting Ohio’s middle school and high school students with innovative ways to gain STEM skills while learning about the opportunities ahead in 21st century manufacturing.

MakerMinded is constantly researching new activities so there are plenty of options whether a school is in a city, suburb or rural area. The program also works to support diverse learning styles.

“We are proud to stand behind MakerMinded as an initiative that will help companies connect to the future talent they need to grow and ensure the workforce has the skills to excel,” said OMA President Eric Burkland. “An estimated 2 million skilled manufacturing jobs are expected to go unfilled in the U.S. by 2025, so it’s important we prepare students to take advantage of those opportunities.”

Read more about how MakerMinded promotes STEM careers. Contact National Manager Jacey Cavanagh to see how to make sure your local schools are involved. 10/1/2018